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The Mega Dark Night Hour

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The Mega Dark Night Hour

Post by luisogui on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:22 am

Some months ago I posted an idea in de Dark Orbit Forum and it received 90 positive votes!
Sorry, The idea is in Spanish =(

http ://es .board. topkani.fi/darkor bi t/showthread. php?t=57 3469

And the traduction:


Here I bring an idea that occurred to me the other day. This is a new event called the dark night mega hour.

What is it? Our scientists have informed us that the stars and other luminous stars (making light) are having problems with your energy. We have reported that one hour a week, on Sunday the space will be completely dark to see anything or bonus boxes or materials, or other ships, or portals, absolutely nothing. It seems that this interference also provoked our radar, as only you can view your position on the map, and portals that are in this. You can not know if there is an enemy nearby.

To address this, our dinetíficos have created a new pool: galactic lights!

These lights illuminate around your ship, allowing you to see what's in a small radius around you. (But would follow the minimap does not work well)

There would be two types of devices:

-One of 500,000 credits (variable): blaze a small radius around your ship.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

-A 2,500-uris (variable): blaze a radius slightly larger than that of credits

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This time would be totally dangerous, and you would not know that there are about you.

At this time, the boxes will have the double bonus reward, but to avoid the boatmen, that would be active only from x-3.

Also during this time would have a completely new aliens!

- = [Spectrum] = -

Location: x-3 x-4 mega soo dark night in the hour

Life: 300,000 -------------------- Prometium: 300
Shield: 200.000 ----------------------- Terbium: 300
Experience: 25,600 ------------------- Endurium: 300
Honor: 128 ------------------------------- Prometid: 64
Credits: 204,800 ---------------------- Duranium: 64
Uridium: --------------- 64----------- Promerium: 8
Damage per shot :3150-3600
Xenomit: 5

- = [Spectronium] = -

Location: x-5 x-6 x-7-8 x mega dark only during night hour

Life: 800,000 -------------------- Prometium: 800
Shield: 800.000 ----------------------- Terbium: 800
Experience: 51,200 ------------------- Endurium: 800
Honor: 256 ------------------------------- Prometid: 128
Credits: 409,600 ---------------------- Duranium: 128
Uridium: 128 -------------------------- Promerium: 16
Xenomit: 15
Damage per shot :9100-12350

If they made this event would be active only from x-3 (x-1, x-2 would follow normal)

And remember, that would be one hour a week.



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Re: The Mega Dark Night Hour

Post by Cuaris on Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:45 pm

Ok, you have to wait until the players vote,
to my opinion the game will be out soon but before events the people need to grow up, i mean get more experience in game and all that if we cut the lights the people that doesnt read the forum will not know whats going on, and they probably quit the game, and the Hit Points of the aliens are to high to the beginners.
Like i said was only an opinion and the players and votes have the last word.

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