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New Mines! Come on!

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New Mines! Come on!

Post by -=Striker=- on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:22 pm

Hi friends

I'm here to announce that something good comes around!
After much work, our scientists have developed new mines!

MPM => Magnetic Pole Mine

Mine are normal, but with a designer look better and more complete.

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MPM - 01 = MPM-01 was the first mine developed, therefore, it is a little outdated, it is less so gives less damage. The damage from the mine, varies according to the player struck the ship, reaching 10% of the life of the player to approach her.

MPM - 02 = MPM-02 is a mine of galaxies in current use anything last generation, has hooks sternum, so that its damage radius is larger, has a sophisticated design, and has the system moved by a material of high Stanium level radioactive inbox when in contact with the detonator may cause damage of up to 20% the value in the life of the ship struck.

I hope you enjoyed the new mines! I am told to post their opinions about them?
I look forward to you feedback.

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