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Post by -=Striker=- on Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:34 pm

Hello everybody! good news!

The scientists of our team, decided now, working on a way to protect us from the aliens that we come threatening us!
For this, they invented a laser system that is still in testing, and so, I bring you some information about them.

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Following the sequence from left to right and from top to bottom are:

1) PCB-30: A common ammo, especially not being buyable with credits, which gives the normal damage, so it's an X1, it can be useful if you do not want to lose a lot of ammunition elite to kill aliens.

2) PCB-60: An Elite ammo, the ammo is the cheapest of ammunition elites, and can be purchased with money from the game, but not with crédits. It multiplies the laser damage by 2, so we can call the X2.

3) PCB-90: It's a great laser elite! the best purchasable! he is able to multiply your damage by 3! So we can call X3 is also the most expensive ammo buyable there!

4) SRB-60: It is a legitimate shield sucker!, Is also an elite ammo, can also be purchased, but does not compare to normal lasers, this is good for defensive tactics, and not very expensive, it multiplies the damage 2.

We hope your feedback!

For your Dark Legacy Team Leader.

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