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The Storyline

Post by UberDELTA on Thu May 03, 2012 6:42 pm

2127: A moon satellite detected structures deep under the moon surface which weren't
made by men.
So the residents of earth set up a program to investigate the structure in the hope to
find out what it was.
Half a year later a team of researchers and scientists placed a excavating base on the
moon and started digging.

2137 After 9 years of digging they reached the walls of the structure, but they couldn't
get into it because thier machinery got damaged when they tried to dig in the walls of
the tructure.
So a idea was send to Earth to send a fusion powered laser drill to the moon to get into
the structure, they succeeded.
After they got in they discovered that it was much bigger then expected, it was so big
that it covered half of the moon's core.
Even more surprising was when some researchers opened a chamber and found large
quantities of a energetic material.
They also found a floating object placed at the bottom of the structure which would later
be known as the Heltas box.

2139: Some researchers were able to use some of the devices after some Linguists
cracked the ancient language during a detailed research of the inscriptions and
mechanics in the building.
five days later they activated the structure's power source and discovered that the box
was more valuable then anything known on the whole earth. the object was a
information container, and it contained all possibly known information of the universe.

2168: It was the darkest year in the history of mankind, Earth got attacked by a fleet of
thousands of extraterrestrial spacecraft, but nobody know where they came from.
There was nothing that humanity could do except to fight back with everything they got.
In the middle of the war humanity was able to build a battlecruiser at a base in antartica,
it was build to win the great war against these species.
After 2 years of battle humanity lost the war against these species and the battle cruiser
named Delebron was never finished completely, only a few could escape the
destruction of earth and fly to the moon.

2170: when some of the survivors flew to the moon they got the attention of some of the
extraterrestrial spacecraft, which lead to a attack on the moon by these species.
After a hostile projectile hit the outer layer of the structure they knew that they followed
them so the only thing they could do is to active a yet unknown system that was
discovered before the war. it was never activated because nobody knew what it would
do. so after one of the walls got penetrated by a projectile they decided to activate is.
The ground started to shake and cracks started to form at the surface of the moon, and
the structure itselfe generated a shield around its walls.
Not much later the whole moon opened up, and thousands of craft came out
and started attacking every spacecraft including the human ones.
A few humans managed to escape from the chaos while the hostile species got destroyed
by these crafts of the moon.
They took Heltas box with them to the Earth and found a safe destination at the military
base at antartica for further research.

2182: Thanks to the technologies they found in the Heltas box, they managed to finish
the Delebron and even add new types of technology that allowed the ship to travel
beyond light-speed and more.
But a few days later the base got discovered by these hostile species that took over the
Earth. So they decided to leave the earth as soon as possible with every person still alive.
Unfortunately, the hostile species were faster to the base then the residents could escape.
So the moment they left the base they got attacked by these species which lead to heavy
damage to the ship's hull. they managed to get to space and destroy the fleet tought
thanks to the technologies they discovered on the moon.
At the moment the ship tried to get away from Earth, they got attacked by crafts from the
moon. So they activated the spacewarp engine which created a compressed space-time
bubble around the ship. After that moment the ship disappeared.

2257: 75 years after Delebron got teleported to another galaxy, humanity settled thier
home at planet Vona.
For the past 62 years they have further researched the box and found valuable
information about building stargates and how to produce powerfull items from the

2389: Thanks to the help of the stargate technology, humanity has managed to build up
a interstellar transportation system to gain resources for thier homeplanet.
and since the loss of Earth, the world leaders of Vona decided to destroy the heltas box.
But not everyone agreed with that decicion.
So a group of individuals stole the Delebron together with the heltas box, and escaped
to a place which is still unknown this very last day by using a new unstable hyperjump
field generator.
The ship and the box have never been seen again since then.

2495: Humanity has seperated into three individual company's after a conflict about
the safety on Vona, because of experiments with a higly energetic material found from
the ancient structures on the moon.
As expected the experiment went wrong and it blew up the planet leaving a death
planetairy body behind.
So the 3 company's accuse eachother of the disaster, and each split up to a new
solarsystem in the hope to rebuild thier lifes.

2626: Human battleships encountered several hostile alien spacecraft, and are now
trying to fight them off thier home place, in the hope to keep thier new home planets
safe from destruction.

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